WP4 - Dissemination and outreach

WP4 objective is to enhance UNIZG-FER networking capacity and scientific visibility through dissemination and outreach activities planned for a general public and school students. Through this work package we will provide an organized, relevant, timeactual and multimedia experience of AeRoTwin.

Dissemination and outreach activities:


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A successful first edition of DroneDays

The first edition of the two-day end-user aerial vehicles workshop DroneDays, held at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb, Croatia, on 26 and 27 March 2019, was a great success and exceeded all expectations. Over 200 participants listened to 17 lectures by aerial robotics experts from 7 countries, there were 9 demonstrations in the flying zone, and some 2000 visitors came to the company expo to learn about aerial vehicles and their applications. DroneDays was organized by AeRoTwin partner UNIZG-FER and LARICS as part of the EU H2020 project AeRoTwin. Read more about the exciting event in the detailed news.

WP2 and WP3: Scientific commnity, industry and end-users

The world's leading experts from the fields of aerial robotics, industry, academia and law held lectures on topics such as Croatian and EU laws regarding UAVs, new technologies, civil, military and industrial drone applications, infrastructure systems, car crash investigations, border control, search and rescue etc.

Three AeRoTwin team members held lectures at DroneDays: Mirko Kovac (Imperial College London) - Aerial Robotics for Infrastructure Systems; Ramiro Martinez de Dios (University of Seville) - Drones as robot co-workers; and Zdenko Kovačić (University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing) - Review of recent LARICS research

Here is a full list of lecturers and their presentations:

These lectures provided members of academia, but especially industry representatives and end-users with an opportunity to broaden their professional horizons and learn more about aerial robotics and unmanned aerial vehicles from many reputable experts and from different perspectives. This goal was further enhanced by the company expo and flying zone UAV demonstrations, which served as practical examples of what can be done in this field. More on these can be read further in the text.  The party in KSET, held on 26 March, was also a great opportunity for all participants, visitors and interested parties to get to know each other, exchange experiences and especially to network within the industrial and end-user communities in a more friendly and less formal atmosphere.

WP4: Outreach to the general public

The company expo, open to the general public, hosted 10 Croatian companies, institutions and projects, attracting a lot of attention from participants, visitors and students. As part of the expo, visitors could see the newest drones and additional professional equipment, as well as Croatian "home-made" drones. Here is a list of expo participants:

  • Aviteh Audio Video Tehnologije
  • HT Grupa
  • AMC Portal - DPO Crew Croatia
  • Geo-centar
  • Kapetair
  • Flow Design Team
  • HUBS - Croatian Unmanned Systems Association
  • Stratowave Connect
  • robotics@fer.hr

Visitors could also try out a flying simulator and win great prizes provided by the general sponsor of the event, Aviteh.

The flying zone, which was also accessible by the general public, featured 9 unmanned aerial vehicle demonstrations by four UAV end-users: Aviteh, Kapetair, UNIZG-FER LARICS and M SAN Grupa, during the two days of the workshop, showcasing the newest research in the academic and scientific community, as well as technological achievments of commercial drones. The pilots told visitors about the UAVs' control systems and what technologies were used for the drones.

Find out more about the event on its official website, dronedays.fer.hr. Photos of the event are available on LARICS' Facebook page (Day 1 and Day 2).

Author: Anamarija Miličević
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