WP3 - Networking and visibility - industry & end-users

WP3 objective is to improve UNIZG-FER quality of innovation management and technology transfer by strengthening links to aerial robotics:

  • industry
  • end users

WP3 activities:



participation at industry fairs


collaboration agreements with businesses

implementation of end-user oriented workshops


Rijeka Nautic Show

It's been a very active time for UNIZG-FER LARICS, as their members went to Rijeka, Croatia, to present their work and particularly equipment at the Rijeka Nautic Show as part of the new AeRoTwin project. Three of LARICS members were there, prof. Stjepan Bogdan, Marko Car and Lovro Marković, and they presented the UAV designed during the MORUS project.

Author: Alan Vukić
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