Training 2: Design of bio-inspired...

In the week November 11-15, 2019 Stjepan Bogdan, Ivana Mikolić, Matko Orsag, Marsela Polić and Marko Car (UNIZG FER) visited Imperial College London and attended training organised by Mirko Kovac (ICL) within the know-how exchange project activity. The general aim was to give participants hands-on on-site training of bio-inspiration and how to design bio-inspired aerial platform by using CAD tools, 3D printers and novel soft materials.

The first training session was focused on the overview of facilities and testing setups, current work and new results, and planning of joint work and discussion about technical challenges, followed by a discussion on technical methodology and integration focus including system design choices and material selection.

The second session was on sensor selection (Intel reasense, TerraBee, Mint etc) and self-perception for robotic systems. Additionally, AeRoTwin project members Marko Car and Marsela Polić attended a seminar talk by Prof. Masayuki Inaba (University of Tokyo) on robot design including networking with group members about soft robot design. The last activity was training on robot tracking and sensor fusion, including option to integrate the robot in the Gazebo simulation.

During the last morning session, training on soft component manufacturing and design choices for structure took place. The final training was focused on soft material modelling using FEM methods and soft material simulation software approaches.

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Author: Ana Golec
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